I am facing continuous Wi-Fi disconnections. How can I resolve this?

90% of Internet speed problems and complaints that we receive are a result of poor indoor Wi-Fi coverage. This happens due to blockage of wireless signals due to presence of cement walls, pillars, and RCC floors that can weaken the Wi-Fi signals rapidly. Electronic appliances and wireless networks can also drastically affect the Wi-Fi signals strength. 

Here are some quick tips to resolve this:

Step 1: 

Try to bring your laptop/phone/tablet closer to your StormFiber ONT device until the signal bars are completely full.  You can’t do that? No worries.

Step 2: 

Connect additional Access Points (AP) to extend your Wi-Fi coverage. Make sure that they are connected to the StormFiber ONT device using an Ethernet cable. 

Step 3: 

If you already have an Access Point connected to the StormFiber ONT device and you are still getting low Wi-Fi signals, you need to optimize its placement by taking the following measures:

  • Make sure that the Access Point is placed at a height and in the center of the house 
  • It should not be placed in a closed space, near an electronic appliance or next to a pillar/RCC wall

In case you are still experiencing slow speeds, please contact us through our customer engagement channels.

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