I am facing continuous Wi-Fi disconnections. How can I resolve this?

90% of Internet speed problems and complaints that we receive are a result of poor indoor Wi-Fi coverage. This happens due to blockage of wireless signals due to the presence of cement walls, pillars, and RCC floors that can weaken the Wi-Fi signals rapidly. Electronic appliances and wireless networks can also drastically affect the Wi-Fi signal’s strength.

Here are some quick tips to resolve this:

  1. Try to bring your laptop/phone/tablet closer to your StormFiber ONT device until the signal bars are completely full. You can’t do that? No worries.
  2. Connect additional Access Points (AP) to extend your Wi-Fi coverage. Make sure that they are connected to the StormFiber ONT device using an Ethernet cable.
  3. If you already have an Access Point connected to the StormFiber ONT device and you are still getting low Wi-Fi signals, you need to optimize its placement by taking the following measures:
  4. Make sure that the Access Point is placed at a height and in the center of the house. It should not be placed in a closed space, near an electronic appliance or next to a pillar/RCC wallIn case you are still experiencing slow speeds, please contact us through our customer engagement channels.
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